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Website copy

Most people struggle to write about themselves, and the 'About Page' page cannot be ignored!

This client wanted to have a more compelling page to allow readers to connect to her personality, as well as understand how her skills would help them. 

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Telos Group asked for me to write a brochure about their recent success with selling Luxury Homes. 

This brochure talks about the current market and positions Telos as an expert in selling Luxury homes to attract other sellers.

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Blogs are a great way to attract organic leads to your website, raise your SEO ranking, and gain trust with your audience. This blog offers guidance to real estate buyers and the keywords used are commonly searched online.

Magazine ad (Spec)

This magazine ad is targeted at women aged between 24-40 who prefer a natural look with their makeup.

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Facebook ad/ Quiz

For Fitness is Fun, I created a Facebook ad to attract new leads to help grow an email list. This quiz has 10% of their viewers turn into leads, growing the Fitness is Fun mailing list at a very steady rate.

Hamilton, Waikato. New Zealand   +64 22 378 3183

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