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Why Your Website isn’t Converting

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

When I speak to people that need help with their website, I have to ask them the following question.

“What is the purpose of your website? Is it to inform, or convert?”

The reason why I ask this, is because unless your website was created to be a billboard for clients to learn about your business and what you do, there may be a few key things that could be stopping it from turning your readers into paying clients.

And we are all in business to make money, right? 🤷‍♀️

If your website is there to inform, no problem. But if you want it to be your best marketing tool, read on!

Top 4 mistakes businesses are making when marketing their business

1. You are not SUPER CLEAR on your dream audience

Think about this for a moment. How much do you ACTUALLY know about your dream client?

✨ What problems are they having?

✨ What have they tried before that may not have worked in the past?

✨ What are their desires or what do they want to achieve?

✨ What do they like to do for fun?

By diving deep into this topic, it will help you get a much better understanding of how to empathise with your audience, enabling them to be much more open to your solution.

2. Your Unique Selling Proposition isn’t clear enough

Having an eye catching design and a great header is part and parcel of getting the initial attention of a reader.

But what is it that your business does, that you do differently, or better? This needs to be obvious in the header and the sub header so that the reader wants to continue.

Ask yourself, “When it comes to the buying decision, why would someone choose my business over someone else’s?”

The value needs to be crystal clear so that the reader weighs up in their mind whether they should be choosing yours, or if they should be continuing their search for something else that best suits their needs.

3. You are talking AT your readers, rather than how you can help them

We are sick of being talked at. We have been bombarded by marketing noise for decades and we really just want to cut through the cr*p and find out quickly if you’re able to help us.

Rather than going into too much depth about the history of your business and overly showing off your credibility, start talking about how your business can help your customer. Make them the hero of the story.

4. You are not providing enough Call To Actions

It’s so simple, but so many websites don’t have an obvious Call to Action.

Have them strategically placed on your website so when the reader thinks “Yes!” They don’t have to look for it.

And when they do hit that CTA button, have a landing page that lays out the plan of what they can expect when they buy.

Hopefully this helps in some way. If you need any assistance with any of your Copywriter needs, please feel free as I would be happy to see how I can be of value to your business.

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