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Why should you consider a Copywriter

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

You may be thinking, why would anyone need a Copywriter? Everyone can write, can’t they?

Graphic design is the first thing that catches our eyes when we view any type of marketing material, so businesses often spend thousands trying to make them look pretty. But when it comes to copywriting, there’s a lot more hesitation.

Many of these people are thinking,

"Why would I trust someone else to write my content when they don’t understand my business as much as I do?"

That's true, but a huge part of the Copywriter's job is to uncover information from you that your audience wants to know about. Your audience will have lots of questions in their head they want answers to so they can make sure you offer the solution they really need.

So if you’re trying to start up a business and you’re worried about extra costs, saving money through writing your own content is very tempting. But unfortunately, it could cost you a lot of sales in the long run.

Here are some of the reasons why it's worth considering a Copywriter.

A Copywriter saves you time.

When you’re running a business- there is SO much you need to do. You’re juggling the operations, have customers you need to service, and are constantly problem solving while trying to keep the administration under control. It can all get too overwhelming. When you’re so busy trying to keep the wheels spinning, marketing is often one thing that can easily fall by the wayside. And unfortunately… if it’s left unattended or done badly, your business will suffer.

Copywriting for your marketing projects takes time, and it can’t be rushed. If your message doesn’t connect well with your audience, it might end up being a waste of time.

A Copywriter makes you money.

Quite often, we can be too close to our business, that we forget to see it from our audience’s eyes. If your product isn’t selling, you might be missing the mark on what the audience actually wants. This is where copywriters come in handy. They deeply research your audience, and they see your business through fresh eyes.

If customers aren’t convinced and don’t find what they’re looking for, they will bounce off your page and go somewhere else to find it. We are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to products or services, so you can bet that if your message doesn’t engage, then you’ve lost your opportunity.

If you hire a good copywriter and the copy gets the response you're after, then it will pay itself back over and over again. And the investment was well worth it!

A Copywriter can help your business in more ways than one.

Website copy is a sure thing that a Copywriter can help with. But do you need help with anything else?

Copywriters can also help with:

  • Sales Pages: create an irresistible offer that persuades readers to buy something.

  • Sponsored ads- connecting with your audience to ‘get the click’

  • Blog posts- an excellent way to generate more traffic to your website and create trust and authority.

  • Email marketing - the most cost-effective way to nurture past and potential customers and keep them in the loop with updates and new promotions.

  • Case studies- a great way to show how satisfied customers were with your service.

  • Product descriptions- make your products come to life and seem irresistible to your audience by opening up their minds to the benefits of your products.

Each of these has its own purpose within a business and in marketing. You may not even realise what you need for your business and a copywriter can help you with that.

The bottom line with Copywriters is that they help you convert your audience by:

  • Developing your brand voice

  • Clarifying your message

  • Building your reputation

  • Inspiring customers to take action.

If you need a Copywriter to help you generate more leads and sales, I would be more than happy to chat with you about your business needs to see how I can help.

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