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Why you need a Quiz to Generate More Leads

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Quizzes are without a doubt one of the most effective ways to capture your audience's attention, introduce a product or service to your customer, and nurture them through your sales funnel.

The online space is becoming so cluttered with noise, that customers are tuning out to generic marketing if it is not relevant to them. This is why quizzes are so effective as they are highly personalised and fun to take, making them an easy way to gain your audience's attention and introduce them to your brand.

5 Reasons why your business needs a Quiz NOW

They segment your audience

This goes without saying. There is no point trying to push a product or service onto someone that doesn't have a need for it right?

Quizzes are the only type of lead magnet that enables us to have a two-way conversation with our customers. If you walked into a store and the shop assistant was trying to push you into buying high heels when you only wear flats, you would probably walk out, wouldn't you? This is the same with marketing. It needs to be highly targeted or personalised for customers to take notice. By segmenting our audience, we only send information that is relevant to them, making them more likely to want to hear from us. When your reader is ready, they will act!

They GROW our email list

Email lists are probably one of the most underrated marketing tools out there, and so many businesses are failing to take notice.

Just think about it. How often have you visited a website, considered buying, then bounced off the page, thinking you would look at it later and never return? Eight times out of 10, you might not ever buy the product, or some other marketing pops up and you go with that.

An email sequence gives us the opportunity to keep nurturing our prospects so when they are ready, they will think of us.

The downfall? People don't just give you their email address these days. We need to give them something of value in exchange, such as a lead magnet. Quizzes are an incredibly effective lead magnet as people like finding out something about themselves. For them to get the result, they need to put in their email address. This way you can nurture them and eventually turn them into a sale!

They are one of the most cost effective ways to market our business

People just can't RESIST finding out something about themselves. Statistics show that with quizzes, over 40% of customers add their email address at the end, which is over 20x more than the standard 2% of other lead generation methods. By having engaging questions in a quiz with valuable outcomes, customers are more primed to buy, leading to a higher quality lead.

If people also enjoy the quiz, they might share it online, resulting in free marketing!

You get more insight into your audience

Quizzes help us understand our customer’s desires. We can also tell what answers they are choosing more often, giving us powerful insight into what content they might find interesting. Once we know that, we can tailor our marketing strategy to their needs.

Excellent for increasing traffic to your website

This goes without saying- quizzes drive a whole lot of traffic to your website! If your website is compelling and easy to use, then it is another money making machine for your business.

Get in touch with me today to see how we can make a plan to drive more traffic to your website!


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