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UMM.. What actually IS Copywriting?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Whenever I see people I know and they ask what I’m up to now, I tell them that I’m a Copywriter.

“Oh… that sounds good…” They say looking a bit confused. “Hang on, what is THAT?” 🧐

So a simple way to explain it is this…

Remember all the mail in our letterbox we used to receive?

Flyers we didn’t care for, newspapers we didn’t order…

So much of it we had NO interest in, and it all screamed, BUY MY STUFF! 🙄

Well… Since digital marketing has come into play, it has almost taken over print marketing.

Rather than marketers pushing products and services under every person’s nose that we can get it under...

We are able to get REALLY specific about who we want to see our ads, which allows us to channel into what our audience actually wants.

Conversion Copywriting is about understanding your audience’s pain points, challenges, needs, wants, and desires, making them feel understood. Your audience then connects to the message as if we have read their mind, which makes them much more open to buying our products and services. 🙌

And this will result in much more online sales 🤑, more inquiries, or more clicks for your business.

Send me an email if there is anything I can help you with 😎



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