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4 Steps to writing your website About Page

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

If right now you’re thinking… “Why do I need an about page? My business is just about the products and services right?”

The answer is… no it's not. As much as we might prefer to skip over this part as it can be embarrassing trumping our own horn, About pages are so important. They’re the second most visited page on a website as they help humanise your brand, building connection and credibility with your readers. They’re the perfect opportunity to showcase why people should buy from you and are a huge part of the decision making process.

Although it might feel like you’re really putting yourself out there, the good news is that 'About Pages' are just as much about your customers, as they are about you. All you need to do is show how your brand aligns with your customers values and why you’re different, then you’re in a better place to build trust and bring in more sales!

Let’s show you how to write one.

Step 1: Show your reader how you help them.

This needs to be clear with no fluff.

Who is your target audience and how can you help them?

This is generally a short and sweet statement that hits on our pain, shows them we have the solution they need, and intrigues us into finding out more.

It might be something as simple as:

“Helping insomnia sufferers get more peaceful sleep through holistic and evidence based sleep strategies, so despite everything you’ve tried, they work.”

The formula for this is “Helping [target audience] get [desired outcome] through [unique solution]”.

This is where you draw your readers in and show them why they should care. This shows the framework here:

Step 2: What’s your why?

There’s a reason you started your business, and it goes beyond making money.

Business owners have a story and passion behind what they’re doing, and your readers want to know about it. This helps them connect to your brand and see if your company’s values align with their own.

Why did you start your business? Was there some frustration that ignited a fire in you to get something started as you knew that other people in the world would benefit? Tell your story!

I love the ‘Why’ behind New Zealand’s very own Ethique brand. Creator of Ethique, Brianne West talks about her frustration with the amount of plastic waste the cosmetics industry produce and why she created shampoo bars.

Step 3: Show why you’re different

Chances are, there are many similar companies like yours out there. So what’s your secret sauce? What’s different about you and how does this benefit your customers?

A very cool brand that does this well is Australian work boot brand, Steel Blue. They talk about their Trisole Comfort Technology and how they're so confident you will find their boots comfortable, that they offer a 30 day 100% Comfort Guarantee.

Step 4: Get your readers to take action!

The final step in your About Page is to get your readers to take action. You aren’t going to put all that effort in to create trust and not direct them anywhere, are you?

What is the main goal of the website? Is it to direct them to the services page? Maybe get in touch with you for a Discovery Call?

You’re more than welcome to have more than one call to action here, so if you have an email list you want people to sign up to, you can have that down the bottom, too!

Don’t forget to get in touch if you need a hand!



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