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Some of the brands I have worked with
Click on the brands to see some of the work I have done

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DoorDash landing page (spec)

Project: To create a landing page that communicates to small, independently owned restaurants that are offering takeout services, but are not Door Dash customers yet.


The aim of this project is to show how easy it is to sign up to the app themselves and become a partner. If they have any questions, they can talk to an expert.

Johnson and Johnson's baby conditioner email ad (Spec)


Project: To create an email ad for the new Johnson's baby conditioner aimed at mothers with children aged 0–2 years.

This ad highlights the benefit of the conditioner being a "no tears" formula while detangling hair and helping eliminate cradle cap.

This ad offers a 30% discount to encourage readers to take action. 

Subject line: Make washing your baby’s hair a calmer experience

Snippet: No tears and no tangles with our NEW Baby Conditioner

Headline: No more tears at bath time

Subhead: Try our NEW Baby Conditioner at 30% off

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