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Missed Opportunities

Image by Natanael Vieira

Thank you for taking this quiz! From the answers you have given, it seems like you might be "Missing Opportunities"

Now please don’t take this personally, as you are most likely downright AWESOME at what you do…

BUT because you are rushing around doing everything, trying to keep the wheels of your business spinning… when it comes to marketing, you may not be doing enough.

And this, my friend, results in fewer leads or fewer QUALITY leads.

What I mean by this is that it’s a competitive world out there, so you need to ATTRACT, INFORM, ENGAGE and build your REPUTATION with your audience to make more sales and grow your business. If you aren’t doing this… someone else will be.


And you can bet your customers are going to them!

One other important thing to note… is that you may be getting viewers, but you might not be NURTURING them to make them into quality leads.

Just because someone clicked on your website, doesn’t mean they are ready to buy right now!

Nurturing and offering your customers value builds TRUST and creates LOYALTY.


And loyalty pays you back over and over with business, referrals, and repeat business!

Let’s face it... there is probably A LOT you could be doing which would make a BIG difference.

Here are my top tips for getting more quality leads:

Spend time on making your website engaging: I’ve said it before, your website is your 24/7 salesperson. So make it work hard for you! PS: I have a FREE GUIDE for you here

If you feel you have a great website, maybe a Landing Page or a Lead Magnet is a good idea.

Have an email list: Whether it is a regular newsletter or an email sales funnel… you need to have it! Newsletters and email funnels nurture your subscribers. They gently nudge your audience through the sales funnel or they keep them warm for when they do need you.

Unfortunately with social media, we have no control! We are constantly battling algorithms or paying to be seen. Email marketing is 10x more effective, and it saves you time and makes you money.

Post regular blogs: Blogs are a great way to direct organic leads to your website. They also increase your Search Engine Optimisation so that people can find your business easily online.

Blogs also create trust with your audience and build authority for your brand.


Consider Other Ways of Marketing: Have you considered a Sales Page? Or a quiz??


Speaking of New Ways of Marketing... Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hey I’m Rachel! A Conversion Copywriter 😊

Rach photo1.JPG

So why did I start copywriting?

For me, I have always loved creative writing and SALES. I know sales are essential to not only survive as a business but to THRIVE.

So what better than combining two passions to help businesses succeed?

For over 10 years I have worked in sales, where I have enjoyed connecting with people and assisting them in finding a solution to their problems.

Now with Copywriting, I help my clients get a clear understanding of what their audience NEEDS and what they TRULY DESIRE so that their messaging speaks to them, making them more likely to turn into a customer. This is done through lead generation methods and you guessed it... quizzes!

This helps them save time from having to spend hours writing their own copy, or wasting time on copy that doesn't convert.

If you think I can help you, then get in touch to see if we are a good fit! 😊

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Who Are We

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