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Want to start generating more sales for your business?

Do you feel like you are juggling so many hats, that for some of the things that ACTUALLY matter, like your marketing, you are doing a half-pie job?


Are you always looking at other businesses that attract clients so easily, and you wonder what they are doing differently?


Do you ever wish you could attract more quality leads, and effortlessly turn them into clients?

Are you tired of underselling your services, when you know your offer is amazing?


When the value of your offer is so high, and people aren’t buying, it’s because people don’t believe you have the solution that they need.


Unfortunately, your words haven’t done a good enough job creating believability. Something as simple as changing them has the power to bring in more sales.


With a background in sales and working with people, I have met many business owners that find it hard to attract quality leads and generate more sales. Many of them are unsure of what to do next—whether they should increase their marketing spend, try new campaigns, offer more discounts, or reward their loyal customers. They give away so much value for free, and people start to expect more and more for nothing.


It's disheartening, and many entrepreneurs and business owners start to wonder if they are ever going to be able to take their business to the next level.


Ready to start making more sales?


I am offering a FREE 30-minute strategy session to businesses that are serious about growing their business through their messaging. 


This will involve:


  • An audit of your sales page or website copy with at least 3 valuable suggestions on what quick fix improvements YOU can do to make your message MORE engaging


  • Recommendations on where your marketing efforts could be focused so you can get the best return on your investment of time and money. 


After this session, you will:

  • Know what quick fix things you can implement right away to help make your message more engaging.

  • Feel more confident on how to attract dream clients that VALUE your service, rather than giving so much of your heart and soul away for next to nothing

  • Know where your marketing efforts are better spent so that you can save money and time on the copy that will give you the best return on investment




I have been working alongside Rachel for 3 months, she has worked on my Nurture series, my ads and my lead generation quiz. I have done all my own "copy" for 10 years and it is not my strength. I have given Rachel drafts of what I am working on and she honestly transforms it, making it more concise, with a stronger and more emotive message.


With so much media 'noise' out there, I really see the importance of quality writing now as it literally can change the outcome, so that your reader takes action.

Anna, Director of Fitness is Fun

Thank you Rachel for making such a big impact on my brand! You have helped me understand my customers more so I can focus on better brand positioning. You have brought clarity to my website so that it is much more likely to convert my readers!

Thank you so much for your help!

Jelena Ilic, Life Food Balance NZ


Captivating Copy NZ. Hamilton, Waikato. New Zealand   +64 22 378 3183

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